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Amazake is a fermented rice drink rich in essential amino acids, glucose, dietary fiber and vitamins, especially vitamin B. Its high nutritional value makes this drink suitable for both hot summer days to combat fatigue and cold winter nights to warm up your body. Koji provides numerous health and beauty benefits. Our amazake is especially nutritious because no sugar is added and it has 0.00% alcohol. The refreshing sweetness is unlike amazake produced by other manufacturers.

  • amazake Spring-Summer Label
  • amazake Autumn-Winter Label


Our Soy Sauce Koji is a wonderful blend of sweet koji and savory soy sauce. It is sweeter and thicker than typical soy sauce and complements sushi and sashimi very well. Not only can it be poured like typical soy sauce, but also the koji can be enjoyed by itself on rice and tofu.

  • Soy Sauce Koji


Horaiya's miso is made with our koji rice malt that is produced using our koji manufacturing techniques implemented for over 100 years. Our miso is crafted with care as we are keen on the aroma, color and flavor of our miso. We also offer variety miso that can be eaten directly on rice or with vegetable sticks.

  • Kinzanji Miso
  • Kojiyasan's Miso
  • Kanzukuri Miso
  • 100nen Densho Miso


Sagohachi is a pickling base using rice malt koji. It is called Sagohachi (Three Five Eight) because the ratio of the salt, koji and steamed rice in the pickling base is 3:5:8. Our pickling base is easy to use since all you need to do is leave your preferred vegetables in the base with water overnight. Try making your own home-made pickles at home!

  • Sagohachi Pickling Base
  • Spicy Sagohachi Pickling Base


As a koji manufacturer, koji is the key to our company. Koji is a type of mold used as a means to break down the starch in rice. Rice malt koji is the first step in making various traditional Japanese foods such as sake, miso and amazake. The fermentation process of koji is delicate and thus, Horaiya takes pride in our manufacturing technique that has been implemented for over 100 years.

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