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Horaiya Honten Co., LTD. was established in 1906. For over 100 years, we have been producing koji, the key to all of our products. Koji is rice surrounded by koji mold and it is the first essential step in traditional Japanese fermented food culture. Some foods made from koji include sake, miso and amazake. All of our products exhibit the beauty of our koji and have numerous health and beauty benefits from the koji. Our mission is to continue implementing our traditional koji production process to provide high quality products and to contribute to the health and fulfillment of society.

President's Message

We support healthy lives with koji.

Hirohito Yaginuma

For over 100 years, we have endeavored to attain superior quality, absolute safety and reliable consistency in our products. We want to spread the benefits of koji and are now strenghtening our foreign business to reach those who are abroad. While treasuring traditional koji culture, we hope to create new koji experiences to express the beauty of koji.

Company Information

Company Horaiya Honten Co., LTD
Adress 54-2 Kawakubo, Kanaya-aza, Tamura, Koriyama, Fukushima 963-0725 Japan
President Hirohito Yaginuma
Founded October 5th, 1906
Established April 19th, 1953
Capital 20 Million Yen
Description of Business We are a koji rice malt manufacturer that has been implementing our traditional koji manufacturing technique for over 100 years. Our products are made using our delicate koji, which include amazake, miso, sogahachi picking base and variety miso such as kinzanji miso. We sell our products both domestically and internationally.
Main Bank Toho Bank Koriyama Nakanomachi Branch
Mizuho Bank Koriyama Branch