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Amazake Health Benefits


Great Morning Drink!!

Immediate Energy Supply!

Rich in glucose that is easily converted to energy. Our body slowly breaks down starch that the koji did not break down as an additional energy source.

Beautiful Skin!!

The koji in the amazake produces kojic acid, which prevents freckles and discoloration of skin.

All Essential Amino Acids and More

Great source of amino acids in one drink.

Vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12 and more!!

Rich in Vitamin B-complex that are essential for metabolism.

Lower Blood Pressure

Suppresses the activity of the enzyme that increases blood pressure.

Reduce Constipation

Rich in dietary fiber that helps bowel movement.

Increase Stamina and Reduce Fatigue!!

Great for Athletes!

Contains the amino acids used in muscle cells and reduces lactic acid production

Better Performance on Exams

Great for Students!

The brain uses glucose for energy. Drink amazake 30 minutes before an exam. More glucose, better performance!

*Effects may vary between individuals.